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Top Places to Visit in North Goa During the Monsoon

Well, when it comes to packing your knapsack for a trip, among the first few places, Goa is always in the prime focus. but north goa during the Monsoon its amazing. You get an adrenaline rush in your body when you get set for a North Goa trip. It is not only the world’s few exciting beaches waiting for your walk; it is the vibe that you will experience while stepping in and during the Monsoon period. Get ready to soak under the Sun and Rain!

We invite you to our Morjim Beach Resort to experience the distinct allure of Goa’s monsoon season. It’s the ideal time of year to take in the area’s natural splendor from our tranquil sanctuary in Morjim. You’ll discover a setting that revitalizes your mind and spirit as rainfall creates a rhythmic symphony and lush green surroundings come alive.

While many people might be hesitant to travel to Goa in the rainy season, we think this is the ideal time to see the coastal paradise in all its lush splendor. Discover why a rainy day in Goa can be just as enjoyable as a sunny one as we reveal the best top places to visit in north Goa during the monsoon. So without wasting time let’s start…

What to do in Goa During Monsoon?

What to do on a Rainy Day in Goa?

North Goa becomes a paradise of activities best appreciated in the rain when droplets kiss the ground. Enjoy the following activities on rainy days:

Spice Plantation Tours:

A guided tour of a spice farm will allow you to experience the aromatic world of spices fully. Watch the lush vegetation spring to life after a rainstorm and discover how vanilla, cardamom, and other exotic spices are grown.

Museum and Gallery Hopping:

Visit Goa’s museums and galleries to learn more about the state’s rich cultural legacy. As you admire the exquisite artwork and ancient artifacts, the rain adds an added layer of calm.

Ayurvedic Wellness:

Ayurvedic therapies that thrive in the rainy season might help you embrace well-being. The inherent tranquillity of the rainy season enhances treatments and massages.

Is it Worth Visiting Goa in the Monsoon?

Is it Worth Visiting Goa in the Monsoon?

While it may not be Goa’s busiest travel time, the Monsoon has its special appeal. Rain lends a cool touch to the air while bringing vivid colors to the landscape. Additionally, fewer crowds allow you to take your time exploring the sights and beaches. Discover Goa as a native would, savoring its genuineness and laid-back atmosphere.

Exploring Top Places to Visit in North Goa During the Monsoon:

Exploring Top Places in North Goa:

Let’s delve into some of the must-visit destinations in North Goa during the monsoon season:

Baga Beach:

Baga Beach, known for its vivacious environment, transforms into a tranquil haven when it rains. The softly falling showers ripple the ocean, and the beach shacks provide a cosy haven to enjoy regional cuisine.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls:

During the Monsoon, you may see the magnificent Dudhsagar Waterfalls in all their splendor. Seeing the flowing water, which seems like milk spilling from the skies, is amazing.

Fort Aguada:

This ancient fort gives expansive vistas of the Arabian Sea beneath a monsoon-clouded sky. It’s a calm place for reflection because of the surrounding lush greenery and the sound of rain.

Our Resort in Morjim, Goa:

At our resort, taking advantage of Goa’s monsoon beauty is a chance not to be passed up. Our Morjim Beach Resort, located in the charming hamlet of Morjim, is a calm haven where you can enjoy the magnificence of the rainy season. We provide a cozy refuge amid the rain-splashed scenery, complete with contemporary conveniences and a fusion of modern and Goan architecture.

Amenities and Culinary Delights:

  • Take a plunge in our private pool and enjoy the expansive views of the Arabian Sea, blending with the wet horizon.
  • Indulge in pure relaxation as you unwind in our rejuvenating Jacuzzi, offering soothing bubbles and a serene atmosphere to complement your stay.
  • Enjoy a delicious selection of regional and international cuisines served in our on-site restaurant, which uses only the freshest seasonal ingredients.

Visit our Resort in Morjim during monsoon to soak in the grandeur of this beachfront haven and watch how raindrops dance on roofs and the verdant countryside glistens. Enjoy our Morjim Beach Resort Goa’s warm hospitality and contemporary amenities while rediscovering the delight of Baga Beach, Dudhsagar Waterfalls, and Fort Aguada. If you want to go deeper into it then you can visit our other blog Top Benefits Of Staying At Morjim Beach Resort Goa

Experience Unmatched Hospitality

Experience Unmatched Hospitality

We at the resort know Goa’s particular appeal during the rainy season, and so we offer unmatched hospitality so that you can make the best of the relaxing atmosphere. Enjoy a soothing jacuzzi in our one-of-its-kind resort, the best among all Morjim Beach Hotels. Unwind in the comfortable and luxurious rooms in our resort after a stroll on the beach.
Later on, in the evening, indulge in some of the delectable cuisines offered at our finest restaurants. Simply put, at our resort, relaxation, comfort and luxury are redefined. Come immerse yourself in our methodically curated ambiance that will meet all your needs and desires. The luxurious amenities and the impeccable service of our dedicated staff add to our unmatched hospitality.

Come and explore the top places to visit in north goa during the monsoon. Don’t miss the chance to experience North Goa’s beautiful monsoon beauty. Plan your monsoon break at our Morjim Beach Resort to take in the coastline splendor that is at its most beautiful during this time. where you can take a refreshing dip while being enveloped by the mesmerizing symphony of raindrops. For an extra touch of relaxation, our inviting Jacuzzi awaits, providing the perfect sanctuary to unwind and let your cares drift away. Join us as we unwind, relax, and marvel at Goa’s monsoon season.

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