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About US



“Red Thread Goa”- We are not a hotel- but an experience….

We believe, the five senses are the gatekeepers of our inner world. Our aim is to engage all of them to weave an ethereal experience for you.. At Red Thread we allow you to just be, connect to your higher being and experience the undiluted silence to hear the wisdom of Gaia. We let you resonate with your spiritual being to weigh down on your thoughts and restore balance. It’s a sacred life within a restorative contemporary retreat. A spiritual compass inviting you to go within….and deepen your intimacy with a beloved or reflect and discren where you are going next. It’s a place to focus on your creative passion or heal a heart that is grieving. It could be a place for many things- but sometimes it’s just a place to rest, restore and recoup. While creating Red Thread, we desired to integrate our culture, heritage and values. From humble beginnings, it’s an intimate container that blends modern amenities with artisanal craftsmanship. The inside spaces blend seamlessly into the outside wilderness that pierces through every door, floor to the ceiling and skylight. There are numerous spaces – from seat loungers……to cosy library…..from pool to gardens… be present to the beauty and majesty of life and create a space for clarity, insight and kindness. As an intimate property, we work closely and thoughtfully with our guests to tailor design highly distinguished experiences that serve their intentions and desires.

We Welcome You Home…..