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Top Benefits of Staying at Morjim Beach Resort Goa

Goa, your magical paradise, is full of surprises! Aptly noted as a land of festivities and celebrations, you are most welcome to lie on the beach for hours, sun-tanned with your close ones. But apart from amazing sunsets, the delicious Goan pork Vindaloo or Sorak will take your taste buds to the next level!
Open 365 days a year, Goa will be a relaxing spot with some exhilaration. Whether you are in the mood for a party on famous beaches or just want to spend some leisure time with your partner, it has everything under one umbrella. So in this blog, we will explore the top benefits of staying at Morjim Beach Resort Goa as your home away from home, where each day becomes a chapter in your own story of delightful relief. So without wasting time, let’s start…

What Features Make Us Unique?

As one of the best Resorts in Morjim Goa, we are situated on the Ashwem beach, which is further noted as one of the most peaceful beaches across Goa. The best part is that our hotel opens its door straight to the shore.

  • We have maintained an earthy tone to aesthetically please our guests.
  • As we are located closer to nature, it helps us provide a tropical feel.
  • The roots of our hotel lie in Goan culture and the authenticity we follow.

Amenities You Will Get at Morjim Beach Resort Goa

AMENITIES of morjim breach resort goa

What makes Red Thread Hotel a noteworthy Morjim Beach Resort in Goa? Well, we will surely like to thank the amenities and abode we provide our customers. Apart from spacious stays, you will receive:

  • Dining area
  • Jacuzzi
  • Lounge area
  • Free WiFi
  • Yoga space
  • Pool bar
  • Separate Bath and Wash Rooms
  • Greenscaping with cots
  • A beautiful canopy king size bed to name a few

Top-quality Spaces at Morjim Beach Resort:

Top-quality Spaces at Morjim Beach Resort

Whether you want to live in our seaside or beach houses, we have top-quality spaces to address. The inspiring interiors are positioned in a spacious luxury area filled with light. Our oversized accommodations are decorated perfectly in a contemporary style.

Surrounding Area Names:

Our Morjim Resort Goa is surrounded by calm water and picture-perfect ocean shores, which will help you escape the hustle of a busy life. Whether you want relaxation time with family or a peaceful gateway, our 4 star hotel in Goa offers the perfect backdrop for a soulful experience.

Services for Weddings and Events:

We would love to decorate our Morjim Beach Resort Goa to help you host your wedding. We can host a seaside-facing, cozy, and intimate weddings and serve as many as 150 people. For this, renting out the entire hotel space is the option we offer!

What About the Bar Section?

Bar at Red Thread Hotel

We have an open-to-the-beach indoor-outdoor bar space. Here, we serve global mocktails and cocktails for you sip the evening away gazing at the pristine Ashwem Beach!

Our Dining Experience:

We have a rich dining experience waiting for you. Some amazing dishes for you to try at our humble abode are Stuffed Mushroom, Potato Cafreal, Panco Fried Baby Corn, Prawas tawa fry, Goan fish finger, and many more.
Along with some authentic Goan cuisine, we also offer cuisines from around the world to maintain the cosmopolitan vibe much like Goa itself!
Well-Ventilated and Hygienic Rooms at Morjim Beach Resort:

We ventilate and disinfect rooms 30 minutes before check-in. Furthermore, all rooms have hand sanitizers at multiple corners. Linens are washed daily at a high heat setting. These are a few of the many reasons why our Red Thread Morjim Hotel is the best place to stay for the trip. Look no further for the best Morjim Beach Hotels in Goa for a relaxing stay, Red Thread Hotels is here for you!

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