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Top Hidden Gems in Goa You Must Visit in 2024

While everyone knows about the famous places in Goa, there are many top hidden gems in Goa you must visit in 2024. These unexplored, hidden gems in Goa are sure to take you back when the days began slowly and the sunsets couldn’t be missed. 

These off-beat places will have you take the road less travelled in Goa. These are some of the most scenic, tranquil lakes, beaches and forts that you are sure you enjoy just as much as the popular destinations. 

Here’s a curated list of top hidden gems in Goa that you should not miss in your 2024 travel expeditions.

Top Hidden Gems in Goa You Must Visit in 2024

1. Morjim Backwaters

Morjim Backwaters

Little known of, but Morjim backwaters is one of the best-kept secrets of Goa. One of the best hidden gems in Goa it will allow you to connect with nature and take you further away than the typical tourist places. Whether you are someone who loves spending time in nature or just wants to have a relaxed vacation in Goa, Morjim Backwaters offers you just that.

The best time to visit this would be from October to March, as this is the time of the year when the weather is pleasantly cool. To make the most of your vacation, you can book your stay at Morjim Hotels.

2. Keri Caves

Keri caves in Goa

Keri Caves is one of the hidden gems in Goa that will give you the most unique experience. These caves will give you a glimpse into the ancient folklore which is now carved on the cave rocks. The Keri caves are situated along the northern shores of Goa. These caves are known for their intricate design and texture.

To get to the Keri Caves you can take a boat ride from the Keri beach. You can easily spend the entire day exploring the beach and caves. To make things easier for you, we would recommend staying at hotels in Goa near beach

3. Harvallem Falls

Harvallem Falls

Located near the tiny village of Sanquelim, the mesmerizing Harvallem Falls can be easily reached through a short hike. While the hike might not be favoured by everyone, this is one of the hidden gems in Goa that people of all age groups and liking are sure to enjoy. And just as you reach near the Harvallem Falls, you can hear the melodious gushing sounds of the waterfall, which keeps getting louder as you walk closer to it.

Harvallem Falls also has cultural significance as it is located close to the Rudreshwar Temple. As this is one of the hidden gems in Goa that you can enjoy best during cool and pleasant weather, you should visit this place during the post-monsoon months of October to February. We would recommend staying at hotels near beach Goa, so that you can spend your evening at the beach too!

Vagator Springs is one of those offbeat, hidden gems in Goa that is perfect for those seeking to get away from the overcrowded tourist spots in Goa. The Vagator natural spring and its calming waters are the perfect place for relaxing. The nautical springs will give you a unique opportunity to unwind right in the lap of Goa’s natural beauty.

Ideally, monsoon would be the best time to visit the springs, as this is when Vagator springs are lively and surrounded by lush greenery. You can plan to visit these springs around June and August. But you can also visit this place during the post-monsoon months. We would recommend staying at hotels in Goa near beach, as it will make it easier for you to explore all the beautiful hidden gems in Goa.

4. Tiracol Fort

Tiracol Fort, also known as the Forte de São Nicolau, is one of the historical hidden gems in Goa. The Fort is a testament to the days that are gone, as it tells you the tales of the colonial influences and their significance. You can get an amazing panoramic view, from the remnants of the fort, of the Arabian Sea and the meaning of Tiracol River.

If you are considering visiting this historical gem that offers a view of Goa’s past, you can place our excursion during the post-monsoon months. If you want to experience the monsoons in Goa, you can still visit the Tiracol fort during June and August.

5. Kuskem Waterfall

Kuskem Waterfall is the perfect location for all those who are craving a connection with nature on your next Goa trip. The only reason why this spot is on the list of hidden gems in Goa is because it has serene cascading waterfalls which are surrounded by dense forests, creating a peaceful haven for your vacation. The Kuskem waterfalls are secluded from the more crowded places in Goa, making it a great spot to relax and feel rejuvenated. 

So, if you are thinking of hiking to and experiencing the Kuskem waterfall, you should visit Goa during the late monsoon or early water months of September and October. The weather during this time is pleasant with the monsoon starting to recede, leaving behind a foliage of greenery. 

6. Arvalem Rock-Cut Caves

Arvalem Rock-Cut Caves in north Goa

Arvalem Rock-Cut caves are a great example of how geological forces can shape our surroundings over time. This is one of those hidden gems in Goa that is favoured by geological buffs and by travellers wanting to explore places less travelled and exquisite. 

To witness Arvalem’s geological wonders at their best, you should plan on visiting during the early winter months of September. Since these rock-cut caves are a bit into the interior region, it would be recommended to stay at Calangute hotels near the beach.

7. Terekhol River Cruise

Terekhol River Cruise is one the best, most peaceful and pretty hidden gems in Goa that you can experience. As the cruise sets sail, you will be taken away from the hustle and bustle and be immersed in the mesmerising scenery surrounding you. The river cruise glides through the calm waters, surrounded by mangroves painting a captivating picture of Goa’s coastal charm. 

For this cruise expedition, you can take the Terekhol River Cruise as per your preference, whether it is sunny weather or a cool winter breeze. 

8. Coco Beach

Coco beach in North Goa

Coco Beach is nestled amongst the lush coconut mangroves, which makes it a perfect fit on this list of hidden gems in Goa. You can enjoy watching the waves and devouring the local Goan delicacies. While the beach is located in a more conventional Goan setting, you can book your stay at Calangute hotels near the beach for a comfortable stay.

9. Tamdi Surla Waterfall

Located in the heart of the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, the Tamdi Surla Waterfall stands out as one of the most pristine and beautiful hidden gems in Goa. These waterfalls are concealed within the sanctuary’s depths. A short trek will lead you to an enchanting retreat at this spot. 

The best time to visit the hidden gems in Goa would be during October and February. The waterfalls will be in full glory, surrounded by thick green landscapes and colourful flora that will make for a pleasant retreat. 

10. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

One of the last mentions on this list of top hidden gems in Goa, but still definitely worth the visit. The Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is nestled on Chorao Island and is easily accessible by a short ferry ride. 

This place is a paradise for all those who love to watch birds in their natural habitat and want to immerse themselves in exploring the natural avian life. 

If you are lucky enough while visiting the hidden gems in Goa, you can catch the cold-blooded birds migrating to warmer regions during winter time.

As the new year has begun, don’t just stay in one place and miss out on exploring these hidden Gems in Goa in 2024. These lesser-known, not-so-crowded yet amazing spots are sure to give you the ultimate off-beat and refreshing getaway to Goa.

While you plan your vacation and explore these hidden Gems in Goa in 2024, we at Red Thread Hotels would like to extend our warm welcome to experience a luxurious stay with us. Experience the tranquil beachside and warm hospitality at Red Thread hotels in Goa. 

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