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The Ultimate Guide To The Best North Goa Beaches

Goa is rightly known as the beach and party paradise because of its lively, vibrant nightlife and stunning landscapes. You can visit all the beaches in Goa and still have an amazing time, we are here to make things a bit easy. Here’s your ultimate guide to the best North Goa beaches. 

When comparing the southern side to the northern side of Goa, North Goa is most preferred by travellers. Before we tell you about the best north Goa beaches that you need to visit, here’s why north Goa is the most favoured destination throughout the state for scenic beaches.

Why is North Goa the Top Beach Destination?

North Goa has quite frankly earned its reputation as the ultimate beach destination in Goa. The northern part of Goa has the perfect blend of culture, adventure and a calming coastal line, which makes it a haven for travellers seeking diverse experiences. 

You will be able to try several activities, ranging from thrilling water sports to calming beachside yoga. So even if some of your friends want to try water sports, and others want to unwind and try Beach Yoga, the beaches in North Goa will not disappoint you.

The region is known for its lively and welcoming atmosphere. The laid-back vibe coupled with vibrant beach shacks, flea markets and crazy parties makes the best north Goa beaches a go-to destination for many people.

North Goa’s Most Peaceful Beaches

To make your vacation one the best, here is a curated list of North Goa’s most peaceful beaches that will make you want to come back again.

1. Morjim Beach

Morjim Beach North Goa

Morjim Beach, affectionately known as the “Little Russia” of Goa, is a unique coastal gem that has a surprisingly unique blend of nature and culture. The reason this beach needed to be in this ultimate list of best north Goa beaches is because it gives its visitors a distinctive opportunity. 

This beach is a seasonal Olive Ridley Turtles nesting ground. If you visit during the hatching season, you can see these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.  Morjim Beach will give you the perfect tranquil backdrop for a relaxing evening. To make the most of your vacation, you can book your stay at the best luxury hotels in Morjim

2. Ashwem Beach

Ashwem Beach in North Goa

Ashwem Beach stands as one of the best North Goa beaches, because of its secluded ambiance. This beach is known for its untouched beauty and white sands that stretch endlessly along the seaside. The beach is the best choice for all those who wish to experience a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of crowded tourist spots in Goa.

Ashwem Beach offers a serene retreat for all those who are in search of solitude and peace. You can witness the breathtaking sunsets from Ashwem Beach as the sky is smeared with pretty hues of orange and pink. Far from the crowded beaches in Goa, Ashwem Beach is one the best north Goa beaches for all the people who want to relish moments of quiet reflection by the quaint seaside of this beach.

3. Arambol Beach

Arambol Beach takes it a step above the conventional meaning of beach. This beach gives you a blend of holistic and transformative experiences. This is one of the best North Goa beaches known for its bohemian ambiance. Arambol is quite literally a haven for all those who are seeking more than just sun and sand.

 The beach is renowned for its unique blend of holistic offers, including yoga retreats that draw wellness enthusiasts from around the world. But just as the sun sets, Arambol beach transforms into a hub of lively nightlife, with beachfront shacks and cafes pulsating with rhythmic energy. 

To witness all these diverse experiences at one of the best North Goa beaches that is Arambol Beach, you can choose to book your stay at hotels in North Goa.

4. Mandrem Beach

Mandrem Beach in North Goa

Mandrem Beach is a bit of a hidden gem, located between the stretches of Ashwem and Arambol in North Goa. This beach is known for its tranquil oasis. Even though it is one of the best North Goa beaches, it remains undiscovered. It is the best choice if you want a quiet escape from the bustling beaches all through Goa.

Mandrem’s tranquil waters crash gently with its golden sands, creating the perfect setting for a peaceful stay at the beach. And since it is relatively undiscovered, there are no large crowds or commercial developments to destroy the beach’s natural beauty.

5. Calangute Beach

Calangute Beach is one of the best North Goa beaches that is loved by water sports enthusiasts and party animals alike. On this beach, you can try some thrilling activities like parasailing, jet-skiing and other water sports. If you want to go deeper then here we have mentioned 6 water sports in goa you must try.

Calangute Beach
Apart from its energetic and livery vibe, Calangute Beach is well-known for its shopping scene which has bustling markets and beach shacks. You can spend your day at the beach and devour delicious Goan delicacies. To make the most of your Goa getaway, you can book your stay at one of the top hotels in North Goa Calangute and explore the nearby attractions and places. 

Which beach is best to stay in North Goa?

Best beaches in North Goa

If you were to rate all the beaches, the best North Goa beaches are definitely the Morjim and Calangute beaches. The beaches have a chill and peaceful atmosphere a little more than the rest of the beaches of north Goa. While North Goa is known for its beautiful beaches and landscapes, Morjim beaches have the best views and activities for you to explore. 

For an amazing and memorable vacation, you can stay at the Red Thread Hotels in Goa. The Top hotels in Morjim have unmatched hospitality, delicious food and mesmerizing views right from the hotel podium. 

If you want to experience the wild nightlife and calm beach mornings, you can stay at hotels in Morjim. This will give you a good mix of fun nightlife and quiet seaside. As you stroll through some of the best beaches in the heart of Goa, you are sure to feel rejuvenated.  

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