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Amazing Tips for Choosing Hotels in Morjim Goa

Are you planning your next trip to Goa? With lakhs of visitors every year, Goa has become the main centre of attraction among tourists. Whether you wish to spend some leisure time with your spouse or family or take a break from monotonous office life with your friends, Goa is the perfect destination. Amid all this planning, choosing the right 4 Star Hotels in North Goa could be a perplexing task. In this blog, you will get amazing tips for choosing Hotels in Morjim, Goa. The following tips will help you make an informed decision.

Here are some Amazing Tips for Choosing Hotels in Morjim, Goa

A Brief Overview of Morjim, Goa

A Brief Overview of Morjim, Goa
Morjim Beach, in North Goa, is the “Home of the Olive Ridley Turtles, or Turtle Beach.” It is situated to the south of Ashwem Beach and is a habitat for Olive Ridley Turtles. It has been a popular tourist destination for decades.

Morjim Beach is famous among tourists as ‘Little Russia’ as Russian inhabitants stay here for months. Goa is filled with menus and signboards in the Russian language due to the large Russian tourist crowd. This Beach has minimal crowds and a calm, serene, scenic aura. Tourists who wish to spend some quiet time gazing at the beautiful nature find this place ideal for their mind & body rejuvenation.

There are plenty of top-notch Hotels in Morjim Goa, surrounded by beautiful greenery and unforgettable scenic views of sunsets, sunrises, and sparkling nights. The best hotels of Goa 2023 have mouthwatering & authentic Goan cuisine that tourists love. Locals and tourists prefer to visit Morjim Beach between March and October. Some of the most popular tourist activities are dolphin sightings, water sports, kite flying, bird watching, and seagull diving.

Finding the Luxury Hotels in Morjim

Conduct proper research while choosing Luxury Hotels in Morjim. Check online reviews and photos on hotel booking platforms such as,,, etc. You can check the ratings and reviews online from past customers on multiple parameters such as service, wellness, hospitality, food, safety, location, hygiene, etc. If you want to visit any Morjim Beach Resort for your honeymoon or with your partner or peers, then check in advance if it’s a couple-friendly hotel. Other factors that require your attention while finding luxury Goa hotels are the distance of the hotel from the railway station, airport, local taxi stands, and surrounding areas for shopping or leisure evenings.

Consider Amenities and Facilities Offered by different Morjim Hotels

Amenities and Facilities Offered by different Morjim Hotels

‘Amenities & facilities’ are one of the critical factors to be considered in every leisure or business traveller’s itinerary when choosing luxury hotels. Such amenities and facilities further add to the online reviews by existing customers & decide their return at the hotel. It makes your entire stay comfortable and delightful or turns it into a complete regret.

Dig into the facilities that a hotel primarily provides. Secondarily, please search for the hotel’s amenities, as it makes your stay comfortable. Some basic amenities to look for are Wi-Fi, TV, refrigerator, jacuzzi, Swimming pool, Air conditioning, Ironing board, Fitness centre, etc. If you are a business traveller, look for the conference facilities & how many people can be adjusted in the meeting room simultaneously.

Looking for the Top Hotels in Morjim that offer world-class amenities & facilities, then Red Thread Hotels is a one-stop solution. We provide high-class spacious & luxurious rooms with jacuzzis and a private pool. Explore & choose the hotel rooms that best meet your requirements & budget. It’s a one time experience, so make it worth it.

Food and Dining Options at Morjim Hotels

Food and Dining Options at Morjim Hotels

Are you passionate about trying soulful food at Morjim hotels? If yes, then it’s vital to understand the food & dining opinions before booking a hotel. In this section, we’ll explore everything related to food and dining, from local to international cuisines. Pick your forks and join us on this unforgettable culinary adventure.

Your food should be hygienic, divine, and flavorful, making your soul happy and satisfied. Food and dining options are other factors that need thorough research, especially when travelling from another state or country. For example, you want a pure vegetarian and are looking for a Hotel in Morjim Goa that serves only vegetarian food, you must accommodate your search accordingly. Make sure the food provided by the hotel is sustainable, fresh, and healthy. Also, check for the availability of cocktails and mocktails.

Our 4 star hotel in Goa has aristocratic arrangements for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. The mouth-watering flavours are created with ancient masalas, farm-fresh vegetables, and royal tempering, a perfect amalgamation of local and international food recipes. Whether your eyes are searching for occasional eating spots or a casual place to grab a bite, we’ve got you covered.

Some of our best selling cuisines are mentioned below:

  • Potato cafreal
  • Harabhara kebab 
  • Pesto fried chicken 
  • Pepper chicken
  • Chicken cafreal 
  • Goan fish finger
  • Panco fried prawns 
  • Fish koliwada 
  • Goan fish curry
  • Thai chicken curry
  • Xacuti 
  • Caldin 
  • Chicken vindaloo 
  • Spice garden 
  • Mountain beast
  • Old Fashion
  • Negroni 
  • Aperol spritz
  • Melon mellow
  • Virgin toddy
  • Virgin Mojito
  • Shirley Temple 
  • Sparkling strawberry

Location and Surroundings Areas

Location and Surroundings Areas

Located on the northern bank of the Chapora River estuary, Morjim is a census town in Pernem, Goa, India. It is located 28 km from Panaji, and you can visit here via taxis, rented bikes, and auto-rickshaws. The outside of Morjim Beach Hotels allows you to experience birdwatching near the Chapora River. You will easily find avian species here, such as sandpipers, kingfishers, bay-backed shrikes, cuckoos, etc. As a traveller, you can enjoy morning walks, sunrises, and sunsets, along with experiencing the Ridley Turtles at the pristine beaches of Morjim, Goa.

Here are the nearby places to visit in Morjim, Goa:

Chapora River Cruises: Enjoy a houseboat cruise on the Chapora River for a few hours or overnight.
Monuments: The nearby monuments are the Portuguese Empire Fort Aguada and Bollywood’s ‘Dil Chahta hai’ famous spot Chapora Fort, near the Chapora River.
Shacks: Experience the beach closely at Traditional Shacks, GoldenEye Shack, and Sublime Beach Shack.
Beaches: The nearby beaches at Morjim, Goa, are Ashwem Beach, Vagator Beach, and Mandrem Beach.
Market: Shop for trinkets, souvenirs, and handicrafts from the nearby flea markets.
St. Alex Church: Experience peace at the Indian architectured St. Alex Church, Calangute.
Temples: Visit Shri Morajai and Shri Bhagavati Temples near Morjim, Goa.

We hope the above tips on selecting the best hotels in Morjim Goa were fruitful. Use this guide while finalizing your next stay at the luxury hotels in Morjim. Goa is the most popular vacation destination among tourists for a reason! You not only get to enjoy the surrounding markets, beaches, temples, and shacks but also get to experience the Luxury Hotels in Morjim. A comfortable stay is what we all aspire to have at the end of the day after exploring Goa. Travellers can explore top hotels in Goa near the beach for a comfortable stay. The prices of the hotels in Morjim, Goa, vary according to the amenities and facilities offered by them.

If you are planning your upcoming stay at one of the best hotels in Morjim Goa, then your search ends with Red Thread Hotels.
We are one of the top hotels in Morjim and are located on Ashwem Beach. What makes us the leading 4 Star Hotel in North Goa is our earthy, tropical, and front shore opening vibes. Visit our official website for pre-bookings.

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